BB 400-1 P / SP Speedbind

High speed automatic in line punch & Wire-O® binder

  • Punching width : up to 400mm (15.75″)
  • Binding width : up to 400mm (15.75″)
  • BB400-1 P Speedbind punching thickness : up to 4.0mm
  • BB400-1 SP Speedbind punching thickness, : up to 8.0mm
  • Binding thickness : up to 20mm
  • Mechanical speed : up to 3,000 cycles / hour

All binding machine outputs are based on 80gsm plain paper and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organisation.


The BB400-1 P & SP Speedbind feature a range of highly efficient automatic in line punch & Wire-O® binding solutions for a large variety of documents ranging from note pads, exercise books, diaries as well as desktop or even wall calendars with a true output of up to 2,500 documents / hour.

The BB400-1 P Speedbind comes with a single punching module able to punch up to 4mm thick documents and the BB400-1 SP Speedbind comes with a split punching module able to punch up to 8mm thick documents in one stroke. There is consequently no waiting time for the in line binding station.

The punching module of the BB400-1 P/SP Speedbind can be disactivated  for binding pre-punched documents up to 20mm thick with maximum 400mm punched edge.

The optional nail hole punching module allows to produce up to 5mm thick wall calendars with suspension hole.

The BB400 P / SP Speedbind can also take traditional spools and also our unique Wire-O® FLEX boxes.





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