EMT 650 Serie

The solution for stamp or repetitive punching

  • Punching width : from 200mm (7.9″) to 650mm (25.5″)
  • Punching thickness : up to 1.0mm
  • Mechanical speed : selectable up to 16,800 cycles / hour

All above outputs are based on 110gsm gummed paper and will vary pending on the stamp pattern, the operator skills, the work organisation. Best punching quality is obtained with paper thickness not exceeding 0.5mm


The EMT 650 range features the latest stage of a long tradition of making perforating machines for postal & revenue stamp production which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The EMT 650 SA is a semi-automatic stamp perforating machine that is particularly suitable for short to medium production runs whilst offering same high precision punching and ease of operation as the fully automatic version. It is the logical solution for flexible production requirements.

The EMT 650 HP is a fully automatic stamp perforating machine that provides unmatched flexibility, high precision punching and ease of operation whilst its output is amongst the highest in its category. It is the logical solution for those having high volume production.





Other applications


A3 large edge, A3 small edge, Wide formats

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