Lhermite® Punching Dies

James Burn International offers a a wide range of punching dies. Our dies are made of heavy duty hardened steel for accurate punching and can be re-sharpened for long life time. All standard and many non-standard punching requirements can be met. Materials which can be punched include : paper and card board, leather, polyester, photographic films, vinyl, synthetic materials, plastic.

Punching types
DescriptionPatternsPB3300Punch 3400Punch 5000Docu-PunchCopy-PunchAlpha-DocEPX700EX SerieEM Serie
Wire-O® 3:1 pitch

round 4mm / square 4x4mm

Wire-O® Ø 3:1 pitch with n°3p thumbcut

round 4mm / square 4x4mm

Wire-O® 2:1 pitch

round 6mm / square 6x6mm

Spiral 5mm or 6.35mm pitch

round 3,2mm / round 4mm

Spiral 4x3mm – 5mm pitch

Spiral 4x5mm – 6.35mm pitch

Plastic 9/16″ or ½” pitch

rectangular holes 8x3mm

Combi Wire-O® punching & Tear-off perforationXXXX
Tear-off / Snap outXXXX
T-Slot 3:1 pitch square holes 4x4mmXXXX
Universal : 4 oval + 5 Ø holesXXXXXXX
4 holes Ø 6mm, 80mm pitchXXXXXXX
Ø 2mm up to 10mmXXXXXXX
Habilclass: 4x1mm – 10mm pitchXXXXXXX
Index / Tab cuttingXXXX
Round cornerXXXX
European thumbcut Window slitXX
Euroslot EurohangerXX
Scoring 330mm / 680mmXX
Corner perforationXXXX
OthersOn demandXXXXXXXXX