Your activity

You operate within a printer, a book bindery, a stationery producer, or in a print department within a private or public company …

You have to punch or cut paper and bind documents in large volumes or on demand or for office applications whether it’s to make exercise books, note books, photobooks, sketchpads, education planners, diaries, calendars, manuals or reports, whatever the formats and the material …

For these jobs, you need to punch and bind with Wire-O, plastic or metal spiral, possibly cut indexes, tabs or round corners on your documents …
There will always be a flexible solution within the range of paper or cardboard punching machines, tab & index cutters and document binding machines designed, produced and sold by JAMES BURN together with a wide offering of Wire-O double loop binding material, plastic or metal spiral.

Intensive punching, cutting and document binding operations ​

You operate within a bindery shop, a stationery producer or a printer and you operate within print finishing to produce calendars, exercise books, note books, manuals or diaries bound with Wire-O double loop spiral and plastic or metal spiral.

On demand punching, tab cutting and document binding operations ​

You operate as a printer or in a commercial bindery or in a facility management environment. Most of your jobs are On Demand or J.I.T. for a large number of very different clients to which you provide custom services that include designing, printing and punching all types of documents bound with Wire-O, plastic or metal spiral.

Punching, cutting and document binding operations for office, copy finishing and print rooms​

You operate within a commercial copy center, or print department within a public or private company, University, legal & audit firms, financial institutions, health care and government agencies. You need to produce security sensitive documents and/or time sensitive materials as well as J.I.T. documents.

Repetitive punching operations of stamps or coupons ​

You operate within a security printer or a MINT and you must produce postal or revenue stamps or simply documents requiring repetitive punching patterns such as coupons. Accuracy is an essential factor for these repetitive punching operations of stamps or coupons that imply very heavy security constraints.