Intensive punching, cutting and document binding operations

You operate within a bindery shop, a stationery producer or a printer and you operate within print finishing to produce calendars, exercise books, note books, manuals or diaries bound with Wire-O double loop spiral and plastic or metal spiral.

Large runs associated with important production volume of valuable printed material, imperative and often short deadlines plus full control of operating costs, are essential elements for those intensive punching, cutting and document binding operations

Paper punching, round cornering and document binding equipment  for those intensive operations must be reliable and versatile, offering high output whilst minimizing flow breaches and labour cost.


Our paper punching, cutting and document binding machines

JAMES BURN range of automatic paper punching & cutting as well as document binding machines is long recognized as providing high quality punching and binding solutions. Those solutions and predominantly the in line equipment, will match the requirements of those intensive production operations and offers quick R.O.I..

Our paper punching and cutting tools

Alongside this comprehensive range of machines dedicated to intensive punching, cutting and document binding operations, JAMES BURN has a recognized expertise in durable paper punching & cutting tool design, production and maintenance. These tools naturally fit our own equipment and we can manufacture punch tools for most major players in this field such as BIELOMATIK, WOMAKO, RENZ or RILECART.

Wire-O document binding

JAMES BURN is also the inventor of the Original Wire-O® double loop binding material. We maintain large inventories of Wire-O spools in our own regional warehouse hubs based  in US, Europe & Asia alongside our key distributors to provide quick availability. We also offer our unique patented Wire-O FLEX solution which helps reduce storage constraints. It provides more loops per packaging unit which minimises changeovers and machine downtimes. All these features are essential for intensive document binding operations

Intensive punching and binding operations ​

Round corner cutting​

Wire-O binding ​

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