James Burn International inventor of double loop binding WIRE-O ®

Wire-O® opens flat 

Unlike all plastic or glue-based binding systems, Wire-O® bound documents will open flat and stay flat making it an ideal solution for notebooks, instruction manuals, text books, cookery books, atlases.

Documents fold back to back

Only, Wire-O® bound documents may be folded back to back without damaging the spine and losing pages.

Binds a range of materials

Be creative – you can now use different materials in your documents including: acetates, plastic sheets, cartridge or art paper, thick and thin samples, material swatches, and even most metalsIf you can punch holes in it, you can probably Wire-O® bind it!

Perfect registration

Wire-O® holds pages in perfect registration making ideal for any document that requires overlays: floor plans, site layouts, circuit diagrams, educational drawings.

Double page spreads

Each page can be designed to its fullest dimensions. As the document opens completely flat, images that run across two pages (eg maps, large illustrations, layouts, flow charts) are effectively presented.

WIRE-O ® double loop binding is available in spools or cut length boxes