Dual round cornering machine

  • Document width : up to 400mm (15.75″).
  • Cutting thickness : up to 100mm.
  • Cutting output : up to 600,000 sheets / hour.

All above outputs are based on 80gsm plain paper and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organisation.


The DCR400 is a compact machine designed to make round corners on any material ranging from books, note pads, diaries, cards,…

Right and left corners can be cut simultaneously in a single stroke. The cutting thickness of up to 100mm combined with a mechanical speed of up to 24 cycles / minute provide optimum output for a one man operation.

It is the ideal solution for medium to long runs with a regular output.







Punching types
Description Patterns
Round corners with 5 (3/16″) to 12.5mm (1/2″) radius

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