We are pleased to inform you that, after 25 years as Managing Director of JAMES BURN Singapore, Essex TEOW has expressed the wish to fly on his own and to buy the JAMES BURN Singapore operation.

Effective from July 1st 2022, JAMES BURN Singapore is no longer a subsidiary of JAMES BURN International SAS but an independent company fully owned and operated by Essex.

Under this new ownership, the company will have the right to continue trading with the name JAMES BURN Singapore. It will remain the exclusive distributor for JAMES BURN on a territory that includes Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Republic People of China & Sri Lanka.


We trust Essex to use his new managerial freedom to find add on opportunities and grow his own business whilst we are committed to provide him with our best continued support as far as the JAMES BURN business is concerned. Customers shall be the prime beneficiaries of this combination of skills.

Essex will remain a shareholder of JAMES BURN International SAS and will still be an active member of our product development team. This shall encourage his motivation to make this new venture a win-win market oriented organization.