EX 610 Serie

Versatile high speed automatic punch

  • Punching width : from 110mm (4.3″) to 610mm (24″)
  • Punching thickness : up to 2.5mm
  • Mechanical speed : selectable up to 7,200 cycles / hour
  • Punching output : up to 180,000 sheets / hour

All above outputs are based on 80gsm plain paper and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organisation. Best punching quality is obtained with paper thickness not exceeding 1.5mm


The range of EX 610 high speed automatic punching machines is designed to accommodate the widest possible punching applications for large size runs. Running at up to 7,200 cycles / hour, it is the fastest punching machine in its range. Continuous paper loading speeds productivity to provide a true output of up to 120,000 sheets (80gsm) / hour including loading & unloading operations.

The EX 610 machine range punches virtually any type of stock and material that will be retained in their pre-collated sequence. It will perform all types of punching works on up to 3 lines, tab cutting or corner perforation. The EX machine range can be equipped with either high pile reception or variable speed conveyor for continuous delivery or a simple jogger.

With the Punch Anywhere option, the EX 610 can even punch holes in the middle of the sheets. and with the nail hole option, it can punch suspension holes for calendars simultaneously with the Wire-O® perforation line.

Beside the standard EX610 version, the EX serie includes :

– the EX 610 Duplex version with a double reception system and a board feeder will take thick boards.

– the EX 610 Double Action version is able to punch a perforation line and cut tabs or do corner perforation simultaneously.

Fast and simple to set up and operate with quick tool change over. Sheets are automatically aligned both ways with micro adjustment. One direction, one level, permanent sheet transport control and absence of contact of transport belts during punching ensure precision punching and unmarked sheets.



Binderies, Printshops


Punching operations only


A3 large edge, A3 small edge, A4 / 11", Wide formats


Punching types
Description Patterns
Wire-O® Ø 4mm – 3:1 pitch or Sq.holes 4x4mm – 3:1 pitch
Wire-O® Ø 4mm – 3:1 pitch or Sq.holes 4x4mm – 3:1 pitch with n°3p thumbcut
Wire-O® Ø 6mm – 2:1 pitch or Sq.holes 6x6mm – 2:1 pitch
Spiral Ø3 or 3.2mm – 5mm pitch Spiral Ø4mm – 6.35mm pitch
Spiral 4x3mm – 5mm pitch Spiral 4x5mm – 6.35mm pitch
Plastic 7x4mm or 8x3mm rect.holes 9/16″ or ½” pitch
Combi Wire-O® punching & Tear-off perforation
Tear-off / Snap out
T-Slot Square holes 4x4mm – 3:1 pitch
Universal : 4 oval + 5 Ø holes
4 holes Ø 6mm, 80mm pitch
Ø 2mm up to 10mm
Habilclass: 4x1mm – 10mm pitch
Index / Tab cutting
Round corner
European thumbcut / Window slit
Euroslot / Eurohanger
Scoring 330mm / 680mm
Corner perforation
Others On-demand

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