Onglematic 7

  • Cutting width : up to 320mm /12.5″
  • Cutting thickness : 35 – 40 sheets (80gsm)
  • Up to 500 dividers / hour

Above output is based on 220gsm sheets and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organisation. Best cutting quality is obtained with paper thickness not exceeding 1.0mm.

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The Onglematic O7 is a versatile table top electric tab index & divider cutter for bound documents or loose leafs designed for mid-size to intensive production volume requirements.

It is able to produce 60 bound documents of 10 chapters with about 150 sheets (80gsm) or 550 sets of 9 dividers (220gsm sheets) per hour.



Tab indes cutting


A4 / 11"


Binderies, Office & copy finishing, Printshops

Tab shapes

Form cutting onglematic 3

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