Punch 3400

Cost effective solution for most punching jobs

  • Punching width : up to 340mm (13.3″)
  • Punching thickness : up to 3.0mm in manual mode
  • Punching output : up to 18,000 sheets / hour

All above outputs are based on 80gsm plain paper and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organisation. Best punching quality is obtained with paper thickness not exceeding 1.5mm


The Punch 3400 is a compact professional electric table top punching machine with easily interchangeable punching tools. It is suitable for all punching applications on documents with maximum punched edge of 340mm (13.3″).

It can be operated by foot pedal or sheet presence for optimum efficiency.

All punch pins can be easily disabled for custom punch patterns (all pins being the same length, no re- positioning difficulty).

Combined with its optional reception module, it allows punching, sheet ejection and stacking in One operation and provides one of the highest output in its range for a minimum investment when automatic equipment is not appropriate.



Office & copy finishing, Printshops


Punching operations only


A3 small edge, A4 / 11"


Punching types
Description Patterns
Wire-O® Ø 4mm – 3:1 pitch or Sq.holes 4x4mm – 3:1 pitch
Wire-O® Ø 4mm – 3:1 pitch or Sq.holes 4x4mm – 3:1 pitch with n°3p thumbcut
Wire-O® Ø 6mm – 2:1 pitch or Sq.holes 6x6mm – 2:1 pitch
Spiral Ø3 or 3.2mm – 5mm pitch Spiral Ø4mm – 6.35mm pitch
Spiral 4x3mm – 5mm pitch Spiral 4x5mm – 6.35mm pitch
Plastic 7x4mm or 8x3mm rect.holes 9/16″ or ½” pitch
Universal : 4 oval + 5 Ø holes
4 holes Ø 6mm, 80mm pitch
Ø 2mm up to 10mm
Habilclass: 4x1mm – 10mm pitch
Others On-demand


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