P3500 Coil

Manual office table top punch for plastic spiral binding

  • Punching width : up to 356mm (14″)
  • Punching thickness : up to 2.0mm
  • Punching output : up to 10,000 sheets / hour

All above outputs are based on 80gsm plain paper and will vary pending on the nature of the document, the operator skills, the work organisation. Best punching quality is obtained with paper thickness not exceeding 1.5mm.


The P3500 COIL is the ideal starting kit for occasional production of plastic spiral bound documents in an office environment.

This compact and robust table top machine can punch up to 20 sheets A4/11” of 80 gsm at a time with 4:1’’ pitch and oval holes 4x5mm.

All pins can be disengaged to offer a maximum flexibility even in case of non-standard sheet sizes.




Binding materials


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Specs Sheet


Punching types
Description Patterns
Wire-O® Ø 4mm, square holes 4x4mm or rect – pitch 3:1” (8.47mm)
Wire-O® Ø 4mm, square holes 4x4mm or rect – pitch 3:1” (8.47mm) with thumb cut or Euro-slot
Wire-O® Ø 6mm, square holes 6x6mm or rect – pitch 2:1” (12,7mm)
Metal spiral Ø3mm, 3.2mm or 4mm – pitch 5:1” (5mm) or 4:1” (6.35mm)
Plastic or metal spiral, oval holes – pitch 5:1” (5mm), 0,2475” (6.29mm), 6.30mm or 4:1” (6.35mm)
Plastic comb 7x4mm or 8x3mm rect holes. pitch 9/16″ (14,29mm) or ½” (12,7mm)


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