On Demand Punching, tab cutting and document binding operations

JAMES BURN offers paper punching machines and Wire-O or plastic spiral binding machines that are particularly suitable for On Demand punching & document binding operations such as:


On Demand punching

The DocuPunch PLUS can punch sheets up to 250gsm and A4 size with mechanical speed of up to 45 000 sheets / hour.

On Demand Wire-O binding

The Wob3000 can bind all types of documents even the most complex ones up to A4 size with a maximum thickness of 29mm at a mechanical speed of up to 1,000 cycles / hour.

With its optional hanger feeder module, the Wob5000 also allows to bind up to A3 size calendars. 

On Demand plastic spiral binding

The PB3500 COIL is a tabletop electric mid-volume desk top electrical punch & plastic spiral inserter perfect for repetitive production of plastic spiral bound documents with a 0.2475’’ (6.29m) pitch and 4x5mm oval holes. 

On Demand tab cutting

The ONGLEMATIC O7 can make tabs or indexes on loose leaves or on already bound documents or separators up to 450gsm wat ever the format up to 320mm wide.

The ONGLEMATIC O5 models are suitable for occasional productions of of tabs or indexes on A5, A4 or A3 (O5 A3) sizes.